Before & After School & Summer Camp Program at K2 Martial Arts Academy in Springfield, VA

Where courage is encouraged


The K2 Confidence

K2 aims to instill self confidence in your children through fun martial arts activities and team building exercises in addition to teaching discipline, patience, focus, self control, and respect for others.

K2 Powerhouse Before & After School & Summer Camp Program

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Through martial arts training, K2 will help develop a child’s body, mind, and spirit. The physical benefits of martial arts are obvious:

Transportation provided by US

Class instruction by BLACK BELTS

Activities planned by a MOM

Happy kids by K2

  • Improved reflexes & coordination
  • Increased strength & stamina
  • Flexibility
  • Improved mental focus
  • Improved discipline
  • Better work/study habits
  • Increased self confidence


Elementary Schools we transport below:

Hunt Valley, Washington Irving Middle School, West Springfield High School, Accotink Academy, Saratoga Elementary, Sangster,  Orange Hunt, Rolling Valley, Keene Mill, Cardinal Forest, Angelus Academy

Save time by filling out registration forms and waivers ahead of time:

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K2 After School Schedule

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Each student will receive physical fitness training appropriate for age and ability.


Giving your child a fun way to learn… the K2 POW-ER WAY!

Giving each child an awesome opportunity to learn yoga and martial arts. At K2, they will train their bodies to be strong and agile with balance and coordination through Tae Kwon Do classes that are taught by black belt instructors. Their flexibility and balance will improve while attending Yoga classes through the week and their discipline for prioritizing will be developed as they are supervised during their homework hour. Mind, body, and spirit all in training!

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