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Summer Camp

About K2’s famous Summer Camp Program

COVID-19 Updates

For every week of summer vacation from school, we host all-day camps where kids can go to have an active, fun time that gives parents peace of mind that their children are in an active, fun, safe and productive environment.

K2 fills your child’s day with active,  enriching and super fun summer days. We provide different activities through the week that keep the campers busy while learning more than just Tae Kwon Do. Our summer camp is consistent of field trips varying in different learning experiences, experiments and games along with weekly “life lessons” that will not only help your child understand but live the very important principles of life.

While spending their days with K2, campers will receive:
  • Supervised activities for children from morning drop off starting at 7 am until pick up.
  • Camp enrollment includes participation into all activities and field trips
  • Transportation to various field trips
A day in the life of our K2 Summer Camp:
Hours & Daily Activities Drop Off 7-10 a.m. TKD 10-10:45/11 a.m. Lunch & Trips 11- 3 p.m. Lunch & in- house activities 11- 3 p.m. Quiet activities, Fun TKD & Games & Pick up
Play by Play

30 minute Station rotations include:

Table activities such as board games, arts & crafts, open gym games and electronics.. Snack time

For ALL levels Focus on self control, discipline & character building while providing much needed movement

After a great workout, it’s time for lunch where we encourage kids to have conversation while they eat.

K2 does not allow electronics during lunch.  We leave for most of our trips after lunch or take our lunch with us.

After a great workout, it’s time for lunch where we encourage kids to have conversation while they eat.

After lunch:

Life- lesson and skit along with experiment or game to really drive the lesson home!

3-4:15- 20 minute Station rotations:

Table activities such as board games, arts & crafts, open gym games and electronics.. Snack time


Yet another way to learn the foundations of a disciplined sport by making it fun!

Pick-up happens anytime before 6pm.

Now Enrolling for Summer Camp weeks, Space is limited.



– Hours are 9-5pm until further notice

Welcome to the New and Revised 2020-21 K2 Martial Arts Camps!

We are doing our part by following the CDC and the American Camp Association guidelines for camp readiness and guidelines on how to run a healthy and successful camp. Please do your part and make sure to follow the CDC guidelines by NOT bringing in a camper who has a fever, headache, cough, rash, is in any way sick or has been around someone who has been sick.

Every morning at drop off, A K2 staff will take your child’s temperature and ask you a few questions before you are able to leave your child at camp. Temperature should be below 99.5. If your child’s temperature is above 99.5 or you give fever reducing meds within 24 hours,your child will not be allowed to remain at camp. Once all the criteria have been met, we will sign you in and have a counselor escort the camper in and help them get situated inside K2MAA.

Once in camp, the campers will be put into age appropriate groups of no more than 10 kids. Siblings can remain together at your request. We will encourage the campers to wear their face mask or face guard (we will provide) while in group settings indoors. They will have the same counselor throughout the week. They will be engaged in different activities through the camp day (see schedule above) with the same group and counselor. We will have them wash their hands after each activity. Their counselor will also have a bucket of hygiene (wipes, hand sanitizer, bandaids) for that group. We will separate and call you if we notice your child with any of the above health conditions or has a 99.5 or above temperature reading.

Curbside Pick-up. You will be able to text 703-867-0078 or call 703-569-6969 when you are ready to pick up your child. Please try to give us a 10 minute head start so we can have our camper gather their items and make it a quick pick up.

Cleaning and Disinfecting. K2 has been training our staff to clean and disinfect their supplies, games, tables, equipment, seating, restrooms and themselves after each use and at the end of the camp day. We will also be reminding and teaching our campers to keep social distance when needed, disinfecting their face shields and washing their hands throughout the camp day. The K2 staff will be doing thorough daily cleaning and disinfecting of our facility daily and at the end of the day. We have also added UV Lights throughout the school and in our HVAC system that has been shown to kill 99.9% of bacteria including the Coronavirus.

Field Trips are still in the forecast but depend entirely on weather!

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