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Martial arts programs designed specifically for kids

At K2, we aim to challenge our young members to do and be their best, through sharing with the knowledge and the know-how they need to be successful. Learn why we are the industry leading provider for children’s martial arts.


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Martial Arts

Responsibility, self-discipline, hard work. These are the core values that we teach in our children’s martial arts program.


Before and After School

Homework, great exercise, and fun with friends — all of this done by the time they are ready to be picked up in the evening!


Summer Camp

Homework, great exercise, and fun with friends — all of this done by the time they are ready to be picked up in the evening!


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Coronavirus safety.


What do our members say about us

I have been incredibly impressed with K2 Martial Arts.  My 7-year-old son is on the autism spectrum and has been attending the kids program for 16 months now.  He loves it!  Grand Master Habib and Master Mike are wonderful with him.  Really, every single teacher there has shown my son nothing but patience and kindness.   They challenge him, and he shown improvements both physically and with his confidence that were beyond my expectations.  At the same time, they understand that every now and then he has an off day.   We will continue to go as long as my son continues to love it, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Sarah C.


K2 Martial Arts Academy has been a great place for me. I started coming to this place when I was 11, I’m 18 now and I can honestly say that this place is like a 2nd home to me. The program said they provide here are amazing and kids that are younger than me  here love it here because they show them life skills I can help them in the future and make it look amusing. The instructors are amazing and it’s a great place for families to work out together. Lastly I developed a strong relationship with the instructors over the years and they are to help me out with my problems. I strongly recommend coming to K2 Martial Arts Academy.

Yonas B.


This is such a great place to go for kids and adults!!! We have put our son in baseball and soccer with no interest on his part and he has finally found something he LOVES!!! We have been there for about 2 months and my son has worked with Alex the most. He has a true gift working with children and this is coming from a former elementary teacher. My son looks forward to going to class which makes this mom very happy!

Lisa V.


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