See Your Child Reach Their Full Potential Before And After School

Before and After school martial arts classes are the best way to give your child the confidence and skills to become a real leader. 

Our classes provide amazing benefits that your child will use in all aspects of their life!

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A FAR Better Alternative to Day Care, Before and After School Martial Arts for Kids in Springfield, VA

If you’re looking for a much, much better alternative to day care, the #1 Kids martial arts program in Springfield provides everything you’re looking for and more!

Children and parents all over the Springfield area (and Fairfax, Burke, Lorton, Alexandria areas, too!) are thrilled about the positive results of our  Before and After School Martial Arts Program! 

A Day in the Life of Before & After School at K2


  • Get the wiggles out before school/Free time/Play Time
  • Finish Breakfast/snack
  • Study/homework
  • Martial Arts Practice Time
  • Transportation to school


  • Transportation Pick up from school to K2 Martial Arts
  • Snack
  • Martial Arts Training Program – TKD, Boxing, Kickboxing & Sparring
  • Homework and study time
  • Friday Club Day – Gym & Table Games, Arts & Crafts

For the health & well-being of our families and guests, K2 has added UV Lights throughout the school and in our HVAC system that has been shown to kill 99.9% of bacteria including the Coronavirus


1 out of 4 Kids
of US Teens
of US Children
of Teens

Report being a victim of bullying.

Have tried illegal drugs.

With low self-esteem engage in negative activities like using drugs, vaping, and self-harm.

Don’t get enough aerobic activity.


Equip them with the tools to succeed in the real world with K2 Martial Arts academy.

Our Before and After School Martial Arts students get appropriate levels of exercise every day. Our character building program helps kids develop confidence and social skills to overcome school bullying. The structure of our classes enables children to focus better and improve grades in school. 

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Welcoming your child after a long day

We are so honored to welcome your child to a happy and productive environment everyday after school. As they arrive, they place their belongings in their individual lockers and proceed to get ready for class. They will have an after school snack while socializing with friends. Your children will engage in after school activities such as reading, homework, board games prior to or after class. We put safety first with everything that we do. Our K2 team members that share their afternoon with your children are First Aid trained.

Homework Or Social Time


K2 Martial Arts stresses the importance of homework and sets time every day for your children to complete their assignments. K2 staff is available to supervise the homework and to assist the children with their work. We encourage the children to do their homework and to use their time wisely, using the time set aside to complete.


K2 does not allow the use of electronic devices during camps and/or Before & After School Program. K2 encourages social and active play!

Club Day

K2 believes everyone deserves a fun day and so we have designated Thursdays as that kind of day for our students and they love it! Club day consists of four different stations:
-In gym sport activity
-Arts & Crafts
-Board games
-Homework club
-Tae Kwon Do

Four days a week, our students will participate in a traditional class where courtesy, integrity, self control, perseverance, indomitable spirit are taught through both class structure and engagement with their peers. All children desire structure, consistency, and ritual. Martial arts improves memorization and focus. Through training they will learn how to manage their emotions by controlling on what it is the focus their attention is on, and how they focus your attention. Martial arts embraces stability and consistency, with lessons of mental focus and social intelligence. This is what makes martial arts an effective activity for children facing challenges in their educational and social lives during their developmental years.

**For the Kids**

In Tae Kwon Do, we train hard everyday to make our bodies strong. Because we are strong, we can choose between fighting and not fighting. In the animal world, a tiger protecting her cubs will fight ferociously because she is scared. People are similar. When we are scared, we will fight. But we must avoid fighting. Because we have become strong enough through our Tae Kwon Do training. We have confidence in ourselves and know that we can walk away from a fight. This is the most important lesson in Tae Kwon Do. We must always do our best to walk away from a fight.
It is good to practice Tae Kwon Do and train hard. At the same time though, you must also study hard at school and listen to your teachers. We feel it’s important to know how they are doing in school so we send their teacher a student assessment form when they are eligible in testing for their next belt, as this is 50% of their testing grade. At home, we encourage your kids to do their best to help parents with chores, be respectful and to be independent. We are happy to help with pep talks. Being strong only in your sport is not good enough. You must make your mind strong as well as your body.

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Most frequently asked questions and answers

The great thing about our program is, that the earlier you get started, the better your long-term results!

We have children in our programs that started as early as 3- or 4-years-old, but since children develop at different rates, the best (and really, ONLY) way to see if your child is ready for our program is to take advantage of one of our WEB SPECIALS and try it for yourself!

No. In fact, the opposite is true!

Children are exposed to HUGE amounts of simulated and real violence in video games, on television, in movies, on the internet, and other in media outlets.

But in our unique program, we teach students real, practical, effective non-violent conflict resolution techniques and tactics that can defuse the situation before it escalates to violence. We also teach escape techniques and tactics that even smaller people can use to move to safety if approached by a potentially dangerous situation.

Should your child be confronted with an aggressive situation that can’t be resolved peacefully or escaped from, he or she will have the basic martial arts skills needed to defend themselves.

There are so many!

Martial arts students benefit from increased physical fitness and mental focus. 

The focus on self-discipline, respect, self-confidence, and perseverance in the face of setbacks builds character in students young and old. Our students also join a community of people who share an interest in martial arts, improving their own way of life, and making a positive contribution in the community.

Our program not only gives your child a SAFE, inspiring place to be after school, but also provides them with an AMAZING program of self-improvement, both mentally and physically.

Imagine resting easy, knowing your child is in competent, caring hands while keeping fit, getting plenty of physical exercise, learning to defend themselves, and becoming more confident, focused, and disciplined!

Really, the only way to know if our program is a good fit for you and your family is to try it out!

We have some GREAT WEB SPECIALS, so you can try the program with no strings attached and see for yourself how the program will benefit your child. 

One of the best parts of our program is that every student is treated as an individual and will progress at their own rate.

Each student’s progress isn’t measured against other students, but rather against their own previous performance.

So, even students that aren’t as physically fit as the star quarterback of a football team can have a wonderful experience in our program and become stronger, fitter, and more flexible.

K2 Martial Arts academy reviews

Chris R
Read More
Our family has had a wonderful experience at K-2 Martial Arts. This is a great place for families. My son and I are able to exercise at the same time in our own classes. The instructors are great, friendly people and work wonderfully with the my son. I enjoy the flexible schedules and the opportunity to attend a class that works best for my time. My son enjoys his classes and is willing to work hard for his instructors. I recommend K-2 to everyone who wants a great workout from awesome instructors that care about your training.
Kelsey Jones
Read More
K2 is a wonderful martial arts school! I recommend it to everyone that I know. I feel like I am part of a family at this academy and I would never go anywhere else. The kickboxing and yoga classes are amazing, great alternatives to going to the gym. As strange as it may sound, taking classes at K2 makes working out really fun! On top of that, the instructors (and staff) are very helpful and friendly. From the moment you walk into the school you are made to feel welcome and at ease in the positive atmosphere. The staff, the kids, and the students are always so happy!
K2 is a place for people who are looking for a great place to workout, make friends, and learn new things. It is a place for people of all ages who want to be part of something and grow as an individual while having a blast. I'm still a college student, but I can't wait for my future kids to join the K2 family too!
Calvert Acklin
Read More
As a student and experienced martial artist, I can honestly say that K2 Martial Arts is the best martial arts school that I have attended. K2 Martial Arts has a world class facility and a outstanding after-school program with transportation provided. Its workouts and classes are mixture of traditional and dynamic, and catering to people's interests and needs. Workouts are intense, but fun. The instructors are well versed.
As a parent, K2 Martial Arts provides a safe environment that enforces the values that I want instilled in my son, including self-confidence, self-control, tenacity, assertiveness, in addition to the physical fitness. But don't just trust what I or anyone else has to say, stop by and check it out for yourself.
Russell Driggers
Read More
My son and I have been taking the family classes at k2 for about a year now. We've truly enjoyed the classes--and it has been a true bonding opportunity for the both of us. The k2 staff is professional and friendly. Plus, the instructors are highly qualified and very good with kids--they offer the right blend of discipline and fun! Sadly, we are leaving the area this month. If I return to this area in the future, I will definitely look at k2 martial arts academy to resume my Tae Kwon Do training!
Hasti Esmaeili
Read More
Being a part of the k2 martial arts family has been a wonderful experience. They have a variety of different classes such as tae kwon do, kickboxing, and also yoga taught my amazingly talented instructors. K2 offers amazing programs such as the before and after school program and also camps such as, summer camp, winter camp, and spring camp. The staff are always welcoming and friendly, I feel like I'm part of a huge, lovely family when I am at k2. I recommend this place to anyone I know I know who enjoys doing martial arts
Yonas Berhane
Read More
K2 Martial Arts Academy has been a great place for me. I started coming to this place when I was 11, I'm 18 now and I can honestly say that this place is like a 2nd home to me. The program said they provide here are amazing and kids that are younger than me here love it here because they show them life skills I can help them in the future and make it look amusing. The instructors are amazing and it's a great place for families to work out together. Lastly I developed a strong relationship with the instructors over the years and they are to help me out with my problems. I strongly recommend coming to K2 Martial Arts Academy.
Denise Bush
Read More
We have been with K2 Martial Arts for about a year and absolutely love it! There are 5 of us in the family and we've been doing Martial Arts for a long time and finally found an Academy that can accomadate a variety of Martial Arts professionally. It not only has a variety of Martial Arts, but also provides the classes almost everyday of the week which is very much appreciated due to our hectic schedules. My daughter and I take Kickboxing, Yoga, and Athletic Yoga and really love how professional the instructors are with us, but they are also very kind, understanding, and accommodating.
Vivian Jackson
Read More
We have had a wonderful experience with our two children at K2 Martial Arts after-school program. The staff is highly skilled working with children, and provides them a nurturing learning environment. It is also important to us that they support the needs of our family. This is the third martial arts program our children have been in, and we strongly recommend K2.
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Although many people think the martial arts are just about fighting, the truth is that the physical “kicking and punching” are really just the tools that I use to teach the more important, and MUCH more valuable lessons about yourself.

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